South Tyneside Young People's Parliament

Climate change campaign

About the campaign

South Tyneside Young People's Parliament's (STYPP) campaign focus for 2020/21 was climate change.

As part of our campaign, we developed eight lesson plans aimed at secondary school students.

The lesson plans cover a broad range of topics from plant-based cooking, to tree planting, to exploring the greenhouse effect.

Each lesson was designed to be fun, creative, and informative, while building a wider knowledge and understanding of the issues linked to climate change.

Lesson plans for secondary schools

If you need this information in a different format, please contact us.

Special thanks to Groundwork South Tyneside for their input into the development of some of our lesson plans.

Thank you for your support with this important campaign. We hope you and your students enjoy exploring the lesson plans and find them informative and fun.

Williby Roc's climate change activities

See below for climate change themed activities, provided by Williby Roc's CIC project:

  • Bird feeder

  • Dandelion honey

  • Leaf mobile and glass jar lantern

  • Busy Bee Pine Cone and clay mini beast