South Tyneside Young People's Parliament Campaign 2021

Domestic Abuse

South Tyneside Young People's Parliament's (STYPP) campaign focus for 2021 was 'Domestic abuse'.

As part of our campaign we developed 5 lesson plans aimed at secondary school students.

Each lesson was designed to be fun, creative, and informative, while building a wider knowledge and understanding of the issues linked to domestic abuse.

Please use these activities to contribute towards your students' education on the topic of domestic abuse.

We hope they help to raise awareness around this very important topic.

Domestic abuse awareness week

Domestic abuse awareness week took place from Monday 22nd to Friday 26th November 2021.

For more information and support on domestic abuse, see Impact Family Services.

Domestic Abuse Survey Report

This document summarises the 'Domestic Abuse' survey delivered as part of South Tyneside Young People's Parliament's campaign for 2021.

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Lesson plans for secondary schools