South Tyneside Young People's Parliament Campaign 2022 Health and well-being

At the start of our campaign, we consulted with representatives from our secondary schools to discover what they knew about health and well-being. It was then we realised just how many fantastic services and places there are to visit, right here in South Tyneside! However, the students told us they just don’t know what’s available and suggested that having service information all in one place would be a great idea.

Following this, we decided to base our campaign around promoting the brilliant services already available. We wanted the information provided to be accessible and visually engaging for young people. STYPP came up with the idea of an illustrated map of South Tyneside and a list containing all service information and places for young people to visit. To view the list of services, see Services for young people in South Tyneside (STYPP)

Alongside this we have developed further promotional materials, incorporating photographs young people have taken in and around South Tyneside.