Everest Mthombeni and staff at the Coronavirus testing hub in South Tyneside

Thank you Everest

Dedicated Everest Mthombeni sets up Coronvirus testing hub for key workers within 48 hours

Commissioning manager, Everest Mthombeni at NHS South Tyneside CCG, has been nominated by Dr Matthew Walmsley for establishing a Coronavirus testing hub in South Tyneside. Without prior notice, or pre-planning, Everest ensured the hub was operational within 48 hours.

Dr Walmsley, said: “This would not have been possible without Everest's hard work, which included visiting GP practices to pick up supplies, as well as putting building, staff, PPE and referral processes in place.

“Thanks to Everest, hundreds of key workers have been tested without having to leave South Tyneside, and many have been able to get back to the front-line sooner, knowing they are clear of infection and not a risk to the people they are seeing.”

Everest, said: “I am thrilled to be nominated and even more so to see the benefit that the Coronavirus testing hub has had to hundreds of keyworkers in South Tyneside, which has then ensured that services keep running and residents continue to receive the support and care they require during these trying times”.

“Keyworkers are going above and beyond to keep us all safe during the pandemic and none more so than in South Tyneside, so it was humbling to get the opportunity to set up testing in our borough as my way of contributing to help identify and prevent the spread of the disease. I work alongside a brilliant team and we all do our very best to help protect and support the wider community.”

The Mayor of South Tyneside Councillor Norman Dick, said: “On behalf of the people of South Tyneside, The Mayoress and I would like to convey our gratitude to you for your role in establishing a Coronavirus testing hub in South Tyneside.

“South Tyneside really is a special place, with workers who are wonderfully committed to their role and the people they serve. As the Borough’s First Citizen, I would like to say a huge personal thank you for being part of our community and for helping us to address this challenge in such a proactive and speedy way. We are extremely #proud.”